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Who We Are

Hello. My name is Karen Orban, proud owner of Ending Clutter. My goal is to make a positive difference in clients' lives, homes and businesses by minimizing stress in organizing possessions, living areas and work spaces.

Even as a child, I was an organizer by nature. I am the oldest of three children and often enjoyed being "Mom's helper," organizing the linen closet, kitchen drawers, toys, etc. My family relocated several times, which introduced me to organizing, packing and unpacking at an early age.

As a teenager, I had a booming babysitting business, partly due to my habit of tidying up once the children were asleep and leaving the household better than when I arrived. I also shared my organizational skills in those homes - sorting toys, straightening pantries and cleaning refrigerators. Imagine hiring a teen to care for your children for a brief reprieve and returning to a neater home!

Many of my friends have nicknamed me "the Orbanizer" (my last name Orban plus my knack of organizing) as they have seen me in action over the years. I have helped many friends and family members with moving, both decluttering, packing and exiting old homes or unpacking, organizing and settling into new homes. They would confirm that I have a knack for that kind of thing and that I'm very capable of taking the lead and ensuring the mission is completed!

I have also assisted small businesses in organizing lobbies, offices, break rooms and storage areas. I have orchestrated a relocation (utility transfers, packing the office and overseeing the move) for a residential and commercial heating and air conditioning business.

    • We offer the following:

      • Decluttering
      • Organizing
      • Downsizing
      • Packing/Unpacking
      • Home Selling Preparation
      • Storage Solution
      • Life-Changing Support
      • Social Event Support
      • Garage Sale Preparation

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